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Japanese cheesecake is a variation of traditional cheesecake. And who knows what makes this cake many people in the world to mention?


Not to say so. In Japan, this cake is also called sponge cake or cotton cheesecake. The reason is called so because the cake structure is very light and foam like cotton..

It is not difficult to understand why the laypeople are willing to order freshly baked Japanese cheese cake, at a premium price, so that they can touch the cake at least once in their lives.

But, now, no need to go far, Vietnamese young people can enjoy hands-on Japanese fresh cheesecake in Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City, with brand Uncle Lu.

Slogan: "Better Food – Better Life"

It is a promise that we commit ourselves to every day. We contribute to improving the quality of life of people with high quality pie. We believe that with the "secret" formula, we will bring a whole new line of Cheesecake with unique flavors available only at Uncle Lu and not to any other brand in the market. Our commitment to realizing this commitment has yielded great results since the sale, which is to have the trust of current and future customers..

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